Rainmeter Latest Version 2020 Free Download

Rainmeter 2020 Free Download – Rainmeter is a software that runs in the background and functions as a widget that can easily be replaced with skin according to the theme you want to apply to your desktop. Rainmeter skin data can be processed very easily! Previously, PG had discussed how to beautify the desktop with the collaboration of skin and Rainmeter. Now, this time SOT is trying to provide detailed tutorials to install and process Rainmeter on your desktop so you can make your desktop much cooler and more fun by utilizing a rain meter and various kinds of skin that accompany it.

It has a Windows Notification Area (formerly known as System Tray) icon. You can reach the context menu for each of your loaded skins by right-clicking on the icon. This is a handy way to access a skin when you can’t right-click it for some reason (usually when the skin is hidden). It’s also a good place to see a complete list of all the skins that you have loaded.

Some skins have features, such as displaying weather forecasts, displaying song titles played with the Winamp program, and having Winamp controls integrated into Rainmeter Latest Version 2020 Free Download. That is, by opening Winamp, you can then use Rainmeter to press the Play button or even change the song. Quite unique, especially the Rainmeter also provides various reports about memory used, resources used, the rest of the hard drive, and so on.

Rainmeter Latest Version 2020 Features

Rainmeter Latest Version 2020 Free Download does not only have a useful feature for viewing resources from our PC. This application also has several additional features beyond its capabilities as a medium for information on battery usage, memory, or anything else. We found several other interesting features, such as:

1. Freeform skins
2. Supports Window transparency
3. Plugin system for 3rd party support
4. Anti-aliases that describe routines
5. Also works as a Litestep plugin
6. Has the ability to hide when approached by the mouse
7. Can attach to the desktop
8. Skin can react to the mouse
9. Some skins can run at the same time
10. Can be controlled from 3rd party applications

For software that provides information on resources, of course, this application must be able to demonstrate its capabilities when testing is done. From the results of the tests we did, we found several things such as:

Widget – this application appears like a widget on Vista or Seven Windows. It is on the left and will collide with the gadget provided by Windows Vista / Seven if you don’t set it properly.

Informative – Besides the resources displayed on this application, you can also get various information such as time, internet search engine, and RSS feeds. Here you can adjust the news to be delivered as you wish.

Skin – This application can also use different skins. You can choose your own skin according to taste. The skin can be downloaded directly from the official website. The ability to replace this skin is very useful for ease of use of this application.

Rainmeter Latest Version 2020 Free Download, besides being a useful widget to find out various elements of your computer, as well as time and weather indicators, can be used as a pretty desktop decoration element. You can also display your personality by using the right Rainmeter skin.

Rainmeter Latest Version 2020 Free Download Link And Technical Setup

Rainmeter 2020 Free Download Link Latest Version
Publisher: rainmeter.net
Size: 2.3MB
License: Freeware
OS: All Windows
Languages: Multi-languages

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